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Executive Summary

The Compiled Xbase++ Pages (<CXP/>) is the first milestone reached in our development efforts towards Xbase++ 2.0. With the <CXP:Technology/>, any Xbase++, Clipper, FoxPro and Visual FoxPro developer can use existing knowledge, existing data and existing source code to develop state-of-the-art Web or Connected Mobile applications!
Why not add a Web front-end to your existing Visual FoxPro application using a development language you are already familiar with? <CXP/> takes your application beyond the desktop by allowing you to create interfaces which run on a variety of form factors and devices.


With <CXP/> it is extremely easy to achieve results. You only need a text editor, and you're ready to go! Just hit "save" after making your changes, and the <CXP:Infrastructure/> will take care about everything else. On-the-fly corrections are no problem for <CXP/>. Plus, it compiles your code into native binaries, so <CXP/> is really fast! Furthermore, this approach prevents from traditional code injection attacks.


All the while, the Compiled Xbase++ Pages remain an open platform which supports FastCGI, just like PHP. This means that you can use virtually any Web server in addition to Microsoft IIS and Apache*). Support for open standards such as Ajax, JSON, XML and HTML make you indepent from other vendors. <CXP/> works with jQuery, Dojo... just take your pick!

Many features are built-in already; user authentication, user account management, caching mechanisms, all this comes included with <CXP/>. In addition, the Compiled Xbase++ Pages are built upon Xbase++, giving you access to advanced language features in terms of object-orientation or functional language elements beyond traditional procedural programming using commands and functions.


Easy to use:
Edit and Run
Compiler error messages with great detail

Very fast:
Executes compiled native code versus interpreted code
Uses random-distribution on multi-core servers
Dynamic I/O chunking for large data upload/download
Developer can use threads to offload work or even defer results

Code injection doesn‘t work because <CXP/> executes compiled code
AES encryption comes with Xbase++
Ready to use authentication and user account management (RBAC) included

Featurerich and innovative:
Application configuration management
Interceptors for flow control
Caching to avoid repeated data gathering
WebSockets for peer-to-peer connects
Ajax with XML and JSON right out of the box

Most Web servers are supported:
Native IIS and Apache-support *)
FastCGI to interface with literally any Web server

Full Xbase++ 2.0 language:
No Limits
Open, full access to any language extension
Customizable, you can create your own commands
No runtime fees, no per-site or per-CPU fees

Presentations and Whitepapers

Presentation: An introduction to <CXP/>

The following are PDF documents generated from the Powerpoint slidedecks of a introductionary session about Compiled Xbase++ Pages. The English version was held at the Southwest Fox conference in Oct. 2011, the German version was held at the Visual FoxPro Developers Konferenz in Hoechst, Nov. 2011.
Presentation as PDF (English version)
Präsentation als PDF (German version)


Download Instructions

The Compiled Xbase++ Pages is a milestone reached during development of Xbase++ 2.0, and the project has not yet reached release status. However, Alaska Software is currently running a Community Technology Preview (CTP), which you are free to join if you want to have a look at the Compiled Xbase++ Pages.
<CXP/> itself is free, even for commercial use! The only prerequisite for downloading the package is a online account with Alaska Software.

Existing customers can go straight to Downloads -> Previews after log-in, and download the first CTP.

Non customers first need to create an online account to access the download area.

To Create an online account for downloading <CXP/>, please go to the Create Account page and fill in your contact information. The system will then provide you with credentials that you can use to log in prior to the download.

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